Ch.Dulittle-Mtn Aire's Heaven Help Me


Rowdy once lived in the Dulittle pug palace but then I came along and scooped him up. Deanne put 8 pts on Rowdy and he received his last two majors with the help of AKC agent Hiram Stewart gaining a 3 pt major and just recently in Oct of 2010 a 5 point major with a BOS win over specials in Texas. He is a superb pug with a truly sincere loving personality. He will let any human scoop him up if it involves attention! We are so thrilled to have him as a member of the Wind Valley Pugs :)

Sire: Ch. Treasure's Willing N Able

Dam: Ch. Mtn Aire's Breath of Heaven

Status: N/A

Revised: 8/12/12

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