Puppy Pictures III

These are more WIND VALLEY PUGS pictures that past customers have sent to me and who their wind valley parents were. Enjoy.

Rosy owned by Laura of TX

Sasha and Ch. Deuce

Rosy1 Rosy2 Rosy3

Pebbles and Pugsley owned by Al of LA

Leah/Deuce and Gem/Bully

Angus owned by Christy of GA

Carma and Ch. Deuce

Angus1 Angus2

Shiloh owned by Samantha of VA

Sasha and Ch. Deuce

Shiloh1 Shiloh2

Ernie owned by Steve and Liz of TX

Leah and Ch. Deuce

Ernie1 Ernie2

Cozmoe owned by Bob& Mike of FL

California Gold and Ch. Deuce

Holmes, Watson & Mycroft owned by Renee of LA

Three brothers from same litter