Puppy Pictures

These are more WIND VALLEY PUGS pictures that past customers have sent to me and who their wind valley parents were. Enjoy.

Mia owned by Stefany of LA

Gypsy and Ch. Bully

Mia1 Mia2 Mia3 Mia4 Mia5 Mia6

Tina & Ike owned by Rod of KS

Ch. Shadoe and Ch. Bubba

Teddy owned by Kevin Gilbert of AZ

Leah and Ch. Bully

Teddy1 Teddy2 Teddy3 Teddy4 Teddy5 Teddy6

Poe owned by Reagan of NY

Gypsy and Ch. Bully

Poe1 Poe2 Poe3

Wilbur owned by Courtney of MO

Julie and Anubus


Tubbs owned by Shannon of LA

PJ and Ch. Bully

Tubbs1 Tubbs2

Bob owned by Jennifer of Mass

Mae-Ling and Ch. Match

Bob1 Bob2

Winston owned by Annette of TN

Connie and Ch. Bully