Puppy Pictures II

These are more WIND VALLEY PUGS pictures that past customers have sent to me and who their wind valley parents were. Enjoy.

Boo Ivey owned by Anna &Clegg of LA

Connie and Ch. Bully


Pugsley owned by Karen &Kerry of LA

Leah and Ch. Match


Nicholas owned by Marsha &Bill of TX

Ch. Cindy and Ch. Bully

Nick1 Nick2

Stormy & Desi taking a bath.

Ch. Gracie/Connie and Ch. Bully

Pugsley owned by David of TX

Gem and Ch. Deuce

Pugsley1 Pugsley2

male owned by Charles of KS

Java and Ch. Match

Sadie Mae owned by Victor of LA

Java and Ch. Match


Elvis and Gomez owned by Bradley of MI

Julie/Gem and Ch. Bully

Tommy owned by David& Megan of TX

Mae-Ling and Ch. Match

Sophie owned by Becki of KS

Gem and Ch. Deuce

Sophie1 Sophie2