CH Wind Valley Matchlight


Matchlight is an Ursa Major great-grandson. He is also Ch. Shadoe's son. Match's father is the gorgeous-BUBBA! Match is very loving and tries to talk to you when you love on him. He is always right there by my side, patiently waiting for his next petting session.

Update: Match gets a major win in Hattisburg, MS Update: Match gets Best of Winners in Mand, LA Sat and Sun. Update: Match gets Winners in Houston. Match gets winners in Gonzales, LA. Match wins again in Lafayette. Match gets BOW in Memphis, TN. Match finished his championship with a major win in Tupelo, MS.

Dam: Ch. Dulitte's On Wings As Eagles

Dam: Ch. FMA Shadoe Of Sawyer

Revised: 07/01/10

Match's 1st gorgeous newborns

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